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The Best Mink Ever

North American black mink is famous worldwide for its luxurious fur branded as Black NAFA or Blackglama . The fur is as warm as it is weightless and supple.


The best mink ever…

Very few fur coats possess auction labels stitched into the garment lining that testify the best fur produced by Canadian and American fur farmers. Two auction houses in North America branded the best black mink fur as Black NAFA and Blackglama. These prestigious labels are awarded only to the finest mink skins available. Many factors are considered before mink is selected for the designation. The texture, length, density and resilience of the fur are carefully examined. North American finest mink has a superior colour and richness that cannot be imitated. The depth and luster of North Americal furs are the result of the harmony between the underfur and the guard hair.

There is a direct relationship between the beauty and durability of mink and its country of origin. Mink production is now a global industry, but North American mink remains the warmest, the lightest and the silkiest mink available.

Blackglama and NAFA mink furs are sold exclusively through two auction houses in North America. Both labels certify that a fur coat or fur jacket are made of genuine North American fur skins.