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Fur Vests and Accessories

To complete our Royal Fur Club's garment collection, we created a line of fur accessories including fur vests, hats, collars and mittens. All fur accessories are made of North American mink or beaver skins


Real Fur Accessories

With the help of mixing and metching luxurious fur accessories we can make old coats to seem new again.

Mink Fur Scarves

A real fur scarf is the way to dress up a boring coat or it can help to freshen up winter toppers.



Mink or Beaver Fur Vests, Fur Hats, Mink Mittens and matching scarves.

Royal Fur Club's real fur accessories collection consists of black mink fur scarves, matching fur mittens, sheared beaver fur hats, black mink fur vests and different type of beaver vests.

To book an appointment for a store visit, please, e-mail at or call 416 939 0053.