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2 Park Vista
Toronto, ON, M4B 1A1


Fur Coats & Jackets

Royal Fur Club, a brand that presents real fur garments. Real fur coats and jackets. The fur garment collection consists of coats and jackets made of North American mink or beaver fur. 


Fur garments. Mink coats and jackets. Beaver fur coats and jackets.

Throughout history people have worn fur garments for durability, warmth, glamour and luxury.

Royal Fur Club takes its part in today's tendency to redefine fur's place in fashion.



We take pride in our designs of mink and beaver fur coats and jackets and quality workmanship and furs.

Our collection's design is another option for modern consumers for expressing they individuality with their fur choices.


To book an appointment for a store visit, please, e-mail at or call 416 939 0053.