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Old Coat New Look

When well cared-for, a fur garment will remain functional and beautiful for many, many years. Fur coats, jackets, vests can also be altered, remodeled or restyled as fashions change. Your old fur coat can even be "recycled" to make bags, pillows, throws or other home accessories.  Royal Fur Club offers a variety of services to alter, restyle, remodel or just repair your coat into modern fashion design. The possibilities are limitless... from a luxurious fur vest to an elaborate mink throw. Why not explore your options, and contact our furrier at +1 416 939 0053 or by email 


black mink fur coat

This mahogany mink coat was restyled from of an old mink coat with hockey shoulders from the 80s. We cut the length, added the hood, changed the shoulders and added a leather belt. The cuffs were removed and the sleeves got the straight shape. This mink coat will serve for years to come.

mink_coat_zipped_hooded_leather_insert 1000x1506

brown mink fur coat

This brown fur coat was restyled from an old mink coat. We cut the length, added the hood, reshaped the shoulders and added a leather belt. The cuffs were removed and sleeves were straightened. To emphasize the waist line, we added leather inserts. The hood and zipper give the coat a sporty look.

Mink stroller restyling remodeling Royal Fur Club

Mutation mink stroller

This black cross mink jacket was damaged by improper steaming. Leather shrank all over. We used the fur from the hood to repair damaged areas and to redesign the collar. We also repaired the small tears, replaced the lining and dry cleaned the coat.


fox fur stroller

This season, a nice big hood is coming into vogue. We restyled the collar into a hood and cut sleeves to three quarters, which created a vest-like look.


fox fur sport jacket, hooded and zipped

This silver fox jacket underwent a complete transformation. It was completely taken apart and then put back together anew. Alterations included upsizing by two sizes and complete restyling. The new hood, zipper and leather inserts give it a sporty but cozy look.

Beige karakul stroller restyling and remodeling Royal Fur Club

Karakul Stroller with a standup collar

This old style full length karakul fur coat with and oversized fox collar and cuffs had a very furry and outdated look. We removed the cuffs and restyled the collar into a neat standup made of karakul. The coat now looks lighter and more modern. As it is made of small karakul sections, it is prone to tearing and should therefore be inspected regularly and, if necessary, repaired as soon as possible.


red shearling

This is a sample of an alteration job. The client requested that the coat be resized down, which we did. We also added a modern looking hood and made many other alterations. Several small tears were repaired in the course of the restyling.


reversible water repellent fur coat

This job is a perfect example of how an old fur coat or jacket can be restyled. The coat is taken apart, fur is sheared or dyed, new materials such as leather or wool are added and - bingo! - a new look is created. This garment was transformed into a reversible coat with sheared mink either on the inside, to create a warm and water repellent coat, or on the outside, for a more conventional look, with mink trimmed edges and hood.

Black fox vest chevron restyling remodeling Royal Fur Club

Fox chevron vest with riri zipper

Fox is one of the best furs to work with when we talk alterations and restyling. Originally this was a jacket with unproportionately long sleeves. We redesigned it into this modern looking chevron vest which is versatile enough to be paired with jeans or to be added to an evening gown. Leather inserts make the garment lighter and emphasize the curves.


Black karakul stroller

The old karakul coat was too bulky and heavy for everyday wear, so it rarely saw the light of day. We replaced part of the coat with leather inserts to make it lighter. The hood and the asymmetric hemline gave the coat a sporty look and everyday wearability.


reversible wool jacket with mink collar and cuffs

With this coat, we gave the client two garments in one. This is another example of a complete redesign. The original was an old mink jacket. We gave it a complete overhaul and transformed it into a reversible wool coat. The lush mink shawl collar and cuffs add a classic and elegant look.

Black mink stroller restyling and remodeling Royal Fur Club

Black mink stroller transformation - work in progress

A full length mink coat with fox sleeves, fox collar and fox edges looked way too furry and outdated. We are creating two garments out of one. First, we used the mink to make a dress-like stroller you see on the picture. The second part of the job is a vest, with leather inserts, to be put together from the fox details of the original garment. Stay tuned...