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Fur coat restyling & remodeling

Royal Fur Club offers a variety of services to alter, restyle or remodel your coat into modern fashion design, or just repair an old fur coat. The possibilities are limitless... From a luxurious fur vest to an elaborate mink throw. 


Fur Coats Restyling & Remodeling

When well cared-for, a fur garment will remain functional and beautiful for many, many years. Fur garments can also be remodeled and restyled as fashions change. An old fur coat or a jacket could be altered, restyled or remodeled into a new and have one more life. Some fur coats just need only repair work done.
Visit our Old Coat New Look section to see samples of restyled and repaired mink, fox, karakul coats and jackets.

Why not explore your options and contact our furrier at +1 416 939 0053 or by e-mail

"The best fur company! Re-modeled 2 fur coats and one fur jacket. Professional designers-designed all my fur coats on paper to show the idea and to get approval! Fast and reliable service! I love this company, Royal Fur Club is the best! Thank you! Rita"

Margarita Sciapin July 4, 2016

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