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Fur Care Tips

Ten easy Royal Fur Club's fur care tips to prolong the life and beauty of your natural fur coats, jackets or accessories.

     Ten Easy Fur Care Tips to Prolong the Life & Beauty of Your Fur

  1. Always hang your fur garment on a broad shouldered hanger. Give the fur coat or jacket room in the closet so it is not crushed.

  2. Never store fur coat, jackets or accessories in a plastic bag.

  3. Never leave a fur garment  near heat.

  4. If a fur coat gets wet, shake it out and hang it up to dry away from heat and where it can have air circulation.

  5. Avoid putting perfume or pinning anything to your fur.

  6. Never use mothballs or cedar chips.

  7. Store your fur coats, jackets during the spring and summer seasons. A modern storage facility has proper temperature and humidity controls.

  8. Have furs cleaned regularly by an alternate fur cleaning process (not by a dry cleaner).

  9. Have any small rips or tears repaired immediately by Royal Fur Club staff.

  10. Avoid leaving a fur garment hanging in direct light;  it can cause discoloring of the fur.


Easy tips to prolong life and beauty of your natural fur coats, jackets, accessories.