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Viktoriya Volkova

Black Mink

There is no fur as refined, as luxurious, yet as versatile, as mink. Black mink is renowned for its beauty and durability. North American black mink fur is considered the best and is known for its silkiness and shine. Black mink captures and reflects light with a special luster which can not be replicated by artificial methods. Two auction houses in North America branded the best black mink fur as Black NAFA and Blackglama. The luxurious black mink skins make exquisite garments that will remain beautiful for years to come.

A furry dress code

Viktoriya Volkova


Where is the best place to display your new exquisite fur garment? If you are anyone with style and grace you know there is no better place than at the Polo tournament on ice in St. Moritz, Switzerland. This is the only event in the world where dress code requires one to wear a fur garment. So it is the best place for you to display your new or vintage furs.

This year, on February 26-27, the 2016 edition of the Snow Polo Tremblant International Tournament took place, another great place to showcase your furs.

A new vision of fur for an Eco-conscious world!

Viktoriya Volkova


Lightweight, warm and beautiful, fur is a true gift of nature.

The beauty of fur reminds us of the importance of protecting nature, our environmental “capital”, so that future generations may also enjoy these gifts.

The fact that fur garments are long lasting and recyclable also makes ecological sense.

For all these reasons, we feel that fur is an excellent choice at a time when we are all concerned about protecting nature.

How to restyle an old fur coat into a new fashion design?

Viktoriya Volkova

Old mink fur sheared, restyled and used as a lining for a water repellent coat.

Old mink fur sheared, restyled and used as a lining for a water repellent coat.

Don’t worry if your coat seems out-of-date. One of the remarkable advantages of fur is that it can be re-styled (“remodeled”) as fashions change. It is a remarkably long-lasting clothing material.

Many old fur coats or jackets now could be successfully transformed: the coat is taken apart, fur is sheared or dyed, leather, wool or other material added and a new look is created.

Your old fur coat can even be “recycled” to make bags, pillows, throws or other accessories.

Royal Fur Club has lots of successful stories about reinventing your old fur coat into a new fashion design.

What's In Your Muff?

Viktoriya Volkova

Women were wearing fur muffs as early as 1600s. Besides the beauty that muffs offer to women, they also have practical applications, that have evolved based on women's needs throughout time. An example of this could be incorporation of various types of pockets for items such as money, keys or cellphones.

A true Christmas Wrapping

Viktoriya Volkova

john lennon in furs.jpg

Never has men's love affair with fur been so poignant then on Christmas Eve in the late 1970s. When the manager of Bergdorf Goodman department store received a call from Yoko Ono requesting that a variety of the store's garments be transported to her place that John Lennon and herself could indulge themselves in selecting some 70 odd various coats to adorn their tree and share with friends.