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About Collection

Royal Fur Club, a brand that presents real fur, fur garments, and fur fashion. Mink coats, jackets, vests, mittens, scarves. Beaver fur coats, jackets, winter hats. 

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Royal Fur Club's Real Fur Collection

We are a brand that presents natural fur garments.

All of our garments, fur coats, jackets, vest, scarves, mittens, winter hats are lovingly designed, skillfully created, proudly finished. 

Exclusive workmanship is an important feature of the product.

The best high-end quality furs from North America are meticulously selected for each of our luxurious garments.

Two North American fur labels, NAFA and BLACKGLAMA represent the best black mink fur produced by Canadian and American Farmers. North American short napped silky mink fur makes exquisite garments that will remain beautiful for years to come. These labels are awarded only to the highest quality fur with deep underfur, softness, silkiness and luster. 

Royal Fur Club also offers a variety of services to restyle an old coat into modern fashion design.