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Fur Fashion

All about real fur fashion and fur styles. Mink, beaver fur garment collection. Real fur coats, jackets, vests, hats, scarves, mittens.



Welcome to Royal Fur Club, a brand that celebrates beauty & versatility of real fur fashion. Medium of choice for many fashion designers, real fur remains a top trend for the coming season.

Natural fur is warm and cozy. Nothing so breathable and isothermal as real fur could keep you comfortable and warm, no matter the weather. With new techniques fur is so versatile and lightweight that it could be worn year-round, not only in cold seasons or climates. Mink fur vests, jackets, coats and accessories are seen during the fashion shows. Real fur never goes out of style and always inspires designers to have mink coats, beaver fur vests and jackets, hats, mink scarves and mittens in their collections. Nowadays real fur can be worn everywhere - for a night out, for a visit to the theater or just with jeans for a relaxing day.

Royal Fur Club has created a cutting edge collection of real fur jackets, vests, coats and diverse accessories.

The best furs and different styles are the main features of the collection. North American mink is famous worldwide for its luxurious fur that is warm, but weightless and supple.

Fur is a natural and incredibly durable material. Because of its resilience, real fur can be restyled or remodeled. Mink coats, fur jackets can be updated or remodeled time and time again.

Royal Fur Club offers a variety of services to restyle an old real mink fur coat or a fur jacket into modern fashion design. The possibilities are limitless... from a luxurious real fur vest to an elaborate mink coat or a throw. Why not explore your options and contact our fur service experts. Visit our Old Coat New Looks page to see samples of our work. There you will find black and mahogany mink coats, as well as fox garments - jackets, coats and vests. A sable colour reversible mink coat was made of water repellent materials and has a sheared mink lining. Individual approach to every fur coat or jacket is very important in fur restyling. If you have an old coat or jacket and do not know what to do, welcome to our Reasons to Restyle page, it will give you some new ideas.

Ten Easy Fur Care Tips will help you prolong the life and beauty of your fur. The fact that fur garments are long lasting and recyclable also makes ecological sense.

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